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About Us

Helping families in need and their dogs, cats and other beloved creature companions stay together, healthy and loved.

Our Work

Love Dogs for Life, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people get healthy food and vet care for their pets, with little to no cost to them, so that families and pets stay together for life. In these economic times, it isn't always easy to afford one dog, one cat or others. And so many more lovely creatures need to be rescued. Veterinary care can be difficult to obtain when a family's finances are already stretched to the max. Our goal is to ensure that people never have to give up their companion creature(s) because of financial strife. And that way, maybe, more rescues can be accomplished, too!


Love Dogs for Life, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with Tax ID 27-1333345. We are funded entirely through donations and volunteer efforts so that we are able to give the most possible to the Love Dog creatures and their families.  We would love to accept your donation of any amount  .... every cent helps! Please send us a check or donate using PayPal (see "Donate" button below for credit card or PayPal donations). Checks should be made payable to "Love Dogs for Life, Inc." and sent to: 

Love Dogs for Life, Inc.
PO Box 1107
Bolinas, CA  94924-1107 

Thank you so much, from the Love Dogs for Life pack and their humans.

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